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About Us

Lisa Feinstein, Owner and Producer, and a mother of five grown children knows the importance of cherished memories.  Lisa devotes her career to making people happy.  It is her greatest joy to be able to allow her clients to have memories from their special occasions last forever.

Lisa Feinstein is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some incredible people and their businesses to create some very innovative and powerful videos. Lisa also has wonderful opportunities to give back to the community by offering her video services for charity events in the greater Toronto area.

Lisa Feinstein leads her professional and personable staff with her creative touch. A graduate from Seneca College in Creative Advertising and Broadcasting, as well as having years of experience as an assistant director for CBC and independent film companies, Lisa has been leading a successful videos business for over 25 years.

Lisa Productions is a Toronto Production company, specializing in being a videographer for corporate video.

Matt Feinstein, Photographer: Matt Feinstein is a fresh face in the photography industry.  He has worked with many seasoned professionals and has been mentored by some of the best photographers in the industry.  Matt adds a delightful spark to any event he photographs.  His workmanship is impeccable, but even more important, his personality brings out the best in people at all occasions.  Matt is an unobtrusive photographer who is able to capture the essence of emotion, fun and excitement of Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Weddings, Engagement parties, Sweet Sixteens and a variety of other special events.

Matt’s portfolio also includes Business Conferences, Charity events and is the leading photographer of a new up and coming clothing company, Rebus Life.

Matt studied Social Anthropology at York University and has traveled extensively to Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Lisa and Matt work with many incredible photographers and videographers.  In The Event industry, one must be considerate of many factors such as budget, special needs, client expectations, and professionalism.

The Toronto Production Company of Lisa Productions specializes in bar mitzvahs and videographer accountability.

The Lisa Productions Team of Experts, assists in editing and successfully producing professional and creative videos for a variety of businesses, charities and events.

Lisa Productions works with lots of videographers as well as Toronto businessses specializing in videography. Furthermore, Lisa Productions specializes in producing, imaging, and computer technology. Being a videographer for over 25 years, Lisa Productions has worked with hundreds of local Toronto businesses.

Lisa Productions is a Toronto Production and Videographer company since 1985.