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  • Camp Robin Hood

    15 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Camp Robin Hood" />

    Lisa Productions was contracted to do a yearbook video for over 1000 campers and staff at Camp Robin Hood. Lisa Productions and CRH entered a one year contract that thrilled campers, parents and executives so much it led to a relationship spanning over a decade. For 12 seasons, Lisa Productions produced the most memorable and creative videos for campers and their parents to cherish forever.

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  • Camp Northland

    15 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Camp Northland" />

    Camp Northland Bnai Brith asked Lisa Productions to create a promotional video for the purposes of informing parents and new campers of the traditions and experiences provided in an overnight summer camp atmosphere. The video was so well received by the Jewish Camp Council of Toronto, Lisa Productions would create yearbook videos for the next decade. Lisa Productions was able to video all aspects of camp with no interruption of the daily routine of camp life.

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  • Temple Sinai – Congregation of Toronto

    15 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Temple Sinai – Congregation of Toronto" />

    Temple Sinai contacted Lisa Productions to create an informative and emotional video to acknowledge the Congregation, staff and Rabbis as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. The video was extremely well received, Lisa Productions and Temple Sinai continue a long lasting relationship.

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  • Jewish Family and Child Services – Jerome D. Diamond Centre

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    14 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Jewish Family and Child Services – Jerome D. Diamond Centre" />

    Through our ongoing connection with the Jewish community, Lisa Productions was asked to produce a video for the Jerome D. Diamond Centre. The purpose of the video was to create awareness for this extraordinary centre for children with special needs. This video helped enhance the lives of these children by having the video shown to potential donors, and parents of special needs children.

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  • Princess Margaret Hospital – ‘In Your Eyes’

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    14 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Princess Margaret Hospital – ‘In Your Eyes’" />

    The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation contracted Lisa Productions to create a video commemorating their achievements in cancer research. The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation had outlined that they were looking for video that would highlight the high technologies and innovative ideas always present within the hospital.

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  • Davis Orthodontics

    14 May 2010 &h=115&w=671&zc=1" alt="Davis Orthodontics" />

    After having consulted with Davis Orthodontics, Lisa Productions created a corporate video with the purpose of highlighting the exceptional care that goes into servicing each patient, along with showing the use of new technology provided within the practice. Using High Definition video and 3D animation, Davis Orthodontics was able to market themselves with the newest form of online video technology available today.

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